About Mokutan

Mokutan is family run business and has been established in 2020 due to our love for food and grilling all year round! We specialise in Ceramic Kamado Grills and accessories. We have a wide variety of items to suit your grilling needs.

We have chosen Mokutan as our brand as it means Charcoal in Japanese, keeping within the tradition that Kamado is Japanese for stove.

Ceramic barbecue grill design allows to keep the heat and can reach high temperature of up to 400oC.  KAMADO grills are very similar to wood-fired ovens and can be used to roast and bake food in the same way you would do in a regular oven. KAMADO barbecue grills are designed not only for meat grilling or smoking. Kamado grills can bake, cook pizza, cookies, pies and bread and so on, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Smokey Flavor Juicy And Healthy Food

Kamado story

The name Kamado is the Japanese word for "stove" or "cooking range". It means a "place for the cauldron". A movable kamado called "mushikamado" came to the attention of Americans after World War II. It is now found in the US & UK as a Kamado-style cooker or barbecue grill. The mushikamado is a round clay pot with a removable domed clay lid and is typically found in Southern Japan.

Since Japanese kamado were introduced from Korea, the word kamado itself is rooted in the Korean word gama (가마), which means a buttumak (hearth). Some kamados have dampers and draft doors for better heat control.

The kanji character for kamado is 竈. The kanji character may be the best name to use when searching for information about traditional unmovable kamados. Elsewhere, the word kamado has become a generic term for ceramic or unfired-clay cookstoves.